Gossamer Wings


Spiral stair descending
Lavender brick steps pave my path
Hands in applause pattering

Escape is seldom an option
Or do you mean escape to the inside –
quick change artist , yes, I am that,
I reign as queen of camouflage
and have a character repertoire
that deserves the theatre’s mask -–
yes, appropriately —
comedy of errors.

And do you remember my name?
My foot strikes the rippled floor
now alight with bits of flame
Be aware. The matches flare.
The eyes of the wise see the scheme
While Inferno’s maze
melts vision into confusion
And the safe house where I huddle turns ablaze.

“Climb on,” a whisper.
“Upon my back.
Do not hesitate, my gossamer wings are strong.”

I do not fear the ride,
nor deny my pleasure at being accepted as I am,
Relief swallows fear
A gentleness wraps me in soft tissue
And the brush of wings dusts away the tears upon my cheeks.

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